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Class of 1980 Reunion - Cancelled

(May 29, 2021) We are sad and disappointed to announce that the Class of 1980 has canceled any plans for a Reunion Party for this summer and will not be planning any events until further notice.

Class of 1975 Reunion - Cancelled

(May 19, 2021) Dear Classmates. We are sorry to finally report that the reunion committee will not be organizing an event in 2021 for our class. This was a tough decision to make, especially given the recent improvements and lessening of restrictions, but we believe there is still enough uncertainty about venues, in-person gatherings, travel, and more that putting together the type of reunion we have enjoyed in years past is just not doable. Additionally, the recently announced cancellation of the All-Class Picnic decreases the appeal of gathering at that time.

We recognize that some of you may still want to gather with others from your class (or from other years). We encourage you to pursue this as you see fit and feel free to use our class and/or the alumni Facebook page to communicate and coordinate with others. If you would like to have notices posted on the associated (class or alumni) websites we would be happy to do that for you as well.
We wish to thank you all for your understanding and hope you are and stay in good health. We will be back in touch in the future to get your input in gauging interest in a 2022 reunion.

Class of 1965 Reunion - Cancelled

(Apr 30, 2021) Dear Class of 1965,
Due to the continuing covid virus and its effects, our class reunion committee has chosen to cancel any plans for a class reunion for this year. This decision was not made lightly. Although things may change between now and August, there is no way to safely and surely predict what may happen in the coming months. So we say stay safe and healthy. Hopefully, we'll be able to see each other again at the picnic next year.

2021 Picnic Updates:

Apr 27, 2021 (from the Picnic Committee)

The City has opened up reservations for the Central Park Pavilion Picnic areas. But, we are disappointed to announce that due to the City's current requirements, the Picnic Committee does not believe it can host our Alumni Picnic Reunion this year. We understand that these requirements may change as we approach August but we can't plan for the unknown at this time.
Here is a sample of the current requirements that the Committee finds challenging to work around:
- Only 1 section may be reserved by a person/group/organization
- Max 50 people
- No amplified music or PA system, because we would be sharing the space with other groups
We want to thank everyone for their understanding, encourage you to connect with each other in other ways and wish everyone the best and continued good health. We hope to see everyone again in 2022.
Thank you

Feb 2021 (from Kim Thurgate)

I just heard back from Santa Clara Parks and Rec that they are not able to take reservations for Central Park during the uncertainty of the pandemic. We will continue to check in with the Park reservation department as we move into each Tier and will keep you posted as we learn more.

Aug 2020 (from Kim Thurgate)

I tried to confirm our Reservation for the Annual Picnic for 2021, but am unable to do so.
We have a two week priority over the general public for booking our date but the City is not accepting any reservations for future events at this time.  See the message below.
I will keep a watch for any notification that Reservations have opened, and do all I can to get our date of Sunday, August 15, 2021 booked. I will notify everyone, as I have a confirmation or more information. With so much unknown at this time, I want to be sure alumni are kept informed prior to classes or individual making plans based on the Picnic.