Thanks to Bob Smiley Class of 1961, we have some scans of some great nostalgic items.

If you have any missing Bruin documents, or anything you might think people would like to see, please let us know.

Links to Buchser High’s “Bear Tracks” and other neat stuff from way back when

11 comments on “Nostalgia

  1. looking for Barbara Campbell and julee simmons class of 1971

    • Randy,

      I can check with our administrator to see if we have either Barbara or Julee on our class logs. I have a classmate, Patty Campbell, who may be related to your Barbara Campbell. How would these classmates be able to get a hold of you?

      Class of 1977

    • Barbara Campbell here but not class of 71 but class of 75 what do you need Randy?

  2. Does anyone know what ever happened to Doug Furter (79)? Last I heard he was a Fire Fighter trainee.

  3. Is Dart Wagner, class of 1974 still around? He was a fantastic athlete and person.

  4. I have several original Bear Prints (volume 8). Please let me know to whom I should send them to. Thank you.

  5. I don’t see anyone from class of 64 maybe that just don’t like face book Iiii don’t know. Hi to all the class it s been along time I’m still hang un. In there how about you .Bye .

  6. I’m waiting to see if anyone from class of 64 comes on line .I’d like to here from them .

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