Harry “Danny” Jojola ’66

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Danny Jojola
Jojola medals

Harry "Danny" Jojola
Staff Sgt, Army

Danny Jojola

The last of three members of the Class of ’66 to be lost in Vietnam, Danny was one of those individuals that you just enjoyed being around.  Danny is one of two Bruins to be awarded the Silver Star (the third highest award for valor).  The following is his Silver Star citation:

The President of the United States of America,  takes pride in presenting the Silver Star (Posthumously) to Staff Sergeant [then Sergeant] Harry Daniel Jojola (ASN: US-572664794), United States Army, for gallantry in action. Sergeant Jojola distinguished himself by heroic actions on 7 April 1970, while serving with Company C, 3d Battalion, 22d Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division, in the Republic of Vietnam. On 7 April 1970, Company C was acting as a blocking force on the edge of a jungled area when they came in contact with a large enemy force. Upon receiving fire, Sergeant Jojola organized his squad and engaged the enemy. Sergeant Jojola then maneuvered his men into strategic fighting positions where they placed maximum effective suppressive fire on the insurgents. When one of his advance elements came under fire and received several injuries, Sergeant Jojola, with complete disregard for his own safety, began moving into the woodline to evacuate the fallen men. During this attempt, he was fatally wounded. His valorous actions contributed immeasurably to the success of the action and the thwarting of the hostile force. Sergeant Jojola’s bravery, aggressiveness, and devotion to duty are in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflect great credit upon himself, his unit, the 25th Infantry Division, and the United States Army.

The following is a description of the events from a unit member:

Harry Daniel Jojola was a member of the 3/22/Company C, 25th Infantry Division, The Regulars. On 7 April 1970 our company attempted to assault a U shaped wooded area from an open field at the front edge of the southern portion of the Straight Edge Woods at XT179293 to an unknown number of North Vietamease Army (NVA). Harry was called Danny by the 1st platoon. On this date his platoon was led by 1LT John E. Hill who was an Army Ranger. They were to cover the left flank. A few yards into those woods the point man(Michael Paulsen) was killed by one NVA soldier and the LT was wounded in one leg. Danny attempted to pull the LT out of the woods by the ankles but was unable to due to the LT being caught in some vines from his web gear. Danny went back to get help and then Danny and another soldier tried again to pull the wounded LT out. Danny asked the LT to lift himself a little bit to help clear the vines he was caught in. When he did this, the NVA soldier opened up with a full clip of AK-47 ending the lives of the LT and Danny. Danny received the Silver Star for his brave efforts. He served his country and Company C well and is remembered for giving his life in an attempt to save another. A memorial service was held at our Tay Ninh base camp a few days later. That day, 5 men were taken away from us forever including a Huey Dustoff pilot. That day second platoon (platoon I was in) formed on line and opened up at the known location where the NVA soldier was thought to be. That night we pulled back and set up for a night time ambush. The NVA pulled out in a long single file. We had no artillery support and only one single Air Force plane came in to drop one bomb to no affect. The NVA went into Cambodia which was only a few meters away. On the morning of 8 April 1970 second platoon members tied ropes to the ankles of Mr. Paulsen and Mr. Hill and pulled them out thinking they might have been booby trapped. Someone reported they saw a hand hanging out of a bunker at this location which is assumed to have been the NVA sniper. Since our fallen men were not booby trapped, they were carried out to the field along with Danny, and Dale Erdman to await for a chopper to pick up their bodies. The Huey Dustoff pilot was left in the burning helicopter the day before inknown to many of us. 1LT Douglas MacNeil (Huey Pilot)was killed by a single bullet wound to the head. All of the crew was able to get out of the crashed craft with multiple bullet wounds. Only the on-board medic was the only one not wounded. We called in the Air Force on 7 April 70 to napalm the front of the woods which killed several NVA snipers. This event is remembered by all of company C that was there and is often talked about at our reunions.

Personal Data

Home of Record:   Santa Clara, CA

Date of Birth:         08/16/1948

Marital Status:      Married

Military Data

Service Branch:    Army of the United States

Grade at Loss:        E5

Rank:                      Staff Sergeant

MOS or Specialty: 11B40: Infantryman

Length Service:     Between one and two years

Unit:                        C Co., 3rd BN, 22nd Inf RGT, 25th Inf DIV

Casualty Data

Start  Tour:            01/10/1970

Incident Date:       04/07/1970

Casualty Date:       0t/07/1970

Age at Loss:            21

Location:                Tay Ninh Province, South Vietnam

Casualty Type:      Hostile, died outright

Casualty Reason:  Ground Casualty

Casualty Detail:    Gun, small arms fire

On the Wall:             Panel 12W   Line 103