David Lee Rose ’63

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David Lee Rose

David Lee Rose

Rose medals

David was the first Bruin lost in Vietnam.   The following is an edited report of what happened to David:

It was another routine patrol, (platoon sized), in the sweltering heat and humidity of Vietnam.  Point man was Ron Harsh, next was Cpl. Ron Hayden and then Dave Rose.  As the patrol rounded a small curve with jungle to the left and a small ditch on the right with a 4 foot berm on the other side of the ditch, Ron Harsh tripped an M26 fragmentation grenade that had been placed in a C-ration can with a trip wire attached leading to the grenade on Ron's left.  It exploded, peppering Ron with shrapnel on the left side of his body.  He remained conscious.
A few seconds later, Ron Hayden was blown about 15 feet in the air.  He was standing on top of a command detonated mine.  He fell back to the ground.  The only thing that happened was; he had a shattered M-14 Rifle stock, severely bruised feet & one hell of a temporary hearing loss!  Dave Rose was a machine gunner, but was also carrying a 3.5” rocket launcher.  This weapon was designed to take out armor and fortified positions.  He had a round in the tube.  The round is fired by an electrical charge from a small battery mounted on the side of the weapon.   Dave had the tube slung over his left shoulder, pointing down towards the ground.  The blast from the mine caused the 3.5" to fire straight into the ground behind him.  The ensuing explosion resulted in David’s death

Personal Data

Home of Record:   Santa Clara, CA

Date of Birth:         03/23/1944

Marital Status:      Single

Military Data

Service Branch:    United States Marine Corps

Grade at Loss:        E3

Rank:                      Lance Corporal

Casualty Data

Start Tour:             01/23/1965

Incident Date:       07/17/1965

Casualty Date:       07/17/1965

Age at Loss:            21

Location:                Quang Nam Province, South Vietnam

Remains:                Body Recovered

Casualty Type:      Hostile, died outright

Casualty Reason:  Ground Casualty

Casualty Detail:    Other explosive device


On the Wall:             Panel 2E  Line 39