Gilbert Ruiz ’67

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Gilbert Ruiz

Gilbert Ruiz

Ruiz medals

I remember Gilbert mostly from getting together to play ball on one of the grade schools during the spring and summer months.

Gilbert’s loss is one that is continuing to frustrate me since he is one of two Bruins whose loss is listed as non-hostile, died of other causes.  At first I thought that this could mean that he was a victim of  “friendly fire”, but I have discovered that protocol for such individuals is that they were to be listed as hostile deaths.  I do know that Gilbert reported to his unit on March 7, 1969 which means that he was involved in the last 11 days of operation Dewey Canyon.  Even though this operation ended on March 18, 1969 his unit was still heavily engaged on the date of his death on March 21, 1969.  This would suggest that he died in an accident or from an illness.  He was only in-country for two weeks prior to his death which would seem to rule out some type of illness.

Personal Data

Home of Record:   San Jose, CA

Date of Birth:         10/21/1948

Military Data

Service Branch:    United States Marine Corps

Grade at Loss:        E2

Rank:                      Private First Class

MOS or Specialty: 0311,  Rifleman

Length Service:     Less than one year

Unit:                        K Co, 3rd BN, 9th Marines,  3rd MarDiv, III MAF

Casualty Data

Start Tour:             03/07/1969

Incident Date:       03/21/1969

Casualty Date:       03/21/1969

Age at Loss:            20

Location:                Quang Tri Province, South Vietnam

Remains:                Body Recovered

Casualty Type:      Non-hostile, died of other causes

Casualty Reason:  Ground casualty

Casualty Detail:    Other causes (undefined)

On the Wall:             Panel W28   Line 3